Puma Energy Limited's Acquisition Application to acquire PNGGS 


Applicant Puma Energy (PNG) Limited
Date Of Registration 6 May 2015
File Number A2015/19
Industry Classification Petroleum

Puma Energy (PNG) Limited (“Puma”) lodged their application to acquire PNG Ground Services Limited (“PNGGS”) on 14th April 2015 from Airlines of PNG (APNG).
The application is pursuant to Section 86 of the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission Act 2002 to give effect to Puma to acquire PNGGS if the Commission is satisfied that the acquisition will not or will not be likely to have the effect of substantially lessening competition.
Or; if the Commission is satisfied that the acquisition will result, or will likely result to public benefits outweighing competition detriments.


Determination                                                                                           Letters advising stakeholders on decision

Authorization Application                                                                           Copy of letter to other stakeholders 
Puma's Application for Authorisation.pdf
Public Notice
Public Notice.pdf
ICCC Correspondences:
1. Acknowledgment of Application to Puma_06 05 15.pdf

2. Letters to Government Agencies.pdf
3. letters to NRI and DCI.pdf
4. Letters to PEAL and APNG.pdf
5. Letter to Adam Thatcher_Virgin Airlines.pdf
6. Letter to Air Niugini Re Puma Authorisation 080515.pdf
7. Letter to C Sheppard_ Islands Petroleum.pdf
8. Letter to J Gourley_ Niugini Oil Company.pdf
9. Letter to Minister of Treasury and Minister of Public Enterprise.pdf
10. Letter toT Siddique_Travel AirLtd.pdf

Submissions from stakeholders

1. Airlines PNG     4. Air Niugini    7. PEAL

2. Bige                  5. DOT              8. Petro Oil

3.CASA                 6. Hevilift

Status Completed
Determination Date 14/08/15



































Code-share Agreement between Air Niugini Limited and Qantas Airways Limited-2015

Applicant  Air Niugini 
Date of Registration 28 April 2015
File Number  A2015/18

Industry Classification


6210 Schedule Air Transport 


Application pursuant to Section 70 (2) of the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission Act 2002 to give effect to a renewed code-share agreement with Qantas Airways Limited, on flights operated by the applicant, between the Port Moresby-Brisbane and Port Moresby-Sydney routes for a period of five years


Authorisation Application and supporting Submission 


ICCC Correspondences

Seeking submissions for authorisation application

Seeking submissions for draft determination

Letters from ICCC to stakeholders

Stakeholders’ correspondences and submissions:


Australian High Commission
Australian Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Papua New Guinea 
Investment Promotion Authority PNG

Independent Public Business Corporation

Department of Transport


Air Niugini Variation Application


Assessment in progress

Determination Date 



Acquisition of the a Portion of Motukea Portion


Applicant  Independent Public Business Corporation
Title Authorisation Application for proposed acquisition of portion of Curtain Brothers Motukea Port
Date Of Lodgment 18 August 2014
File Number A2014/17
Industry Classification  
Date of Determination 17 September 2014