Applicant  The Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC)

Proposed Acquisition of a Portion of Motukea Port from Curtain Brothers PNG Limited (Curtain brothers)

Registration Date

 18th August 2014

File Number


Industry Classification

Port Services


On 12 August 2014, IPBC applied for clearance or authorisation from the ICCC to acquire a portion of Motukea Port. After a check for correctness was done, the ICCC registered the application on 18th of August 2014.
On 09 September 2014, the Commission declined to give clearance for the proposed acquisition to proceed.


 Clearance Declined

Determination Date

9th September 2014


ICCC letters to all stakeholders inviting submissions
Stakeholders Submissions and ICCC Correspondence
Clearance Decision Paper


Applicant Telikom PNG Limited
Title Clearance Notice for the Proposed acquisition of Datec (PNG) Limited 
Date of Lodgment 05 August 2014
File Number C2014/16
Industry Classification Information and Communication Technology

This Determination relates to the notice given under Section 81 of the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission Act 2002 ("ICCC Act") by Telikom PNG Limited seeking clearance from the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission for its proposed acquisition of all shares in Datec (PNG) Limited from Steamships Trading Company 


The Commission gave clearance for the proposed acquisition to proceed and gave the notice accordingly under Section 81 (3) with the following notes:

a) In accordance with Section 81 (6) of the ICCC Act, this clearance notice expires 12 months after the date on which it is given. The parties are expected to conclude their transaction within that period

b) However is the transaction has been concluded prior to this decision, the clearance does not apply to it and the acquisition is open to be challenged under the ICCC Act.

Determination Date 28 August 2014

Application for  Clearance

ICCC Acknowledgment of Application

Public Notice

ICCC Requests to Stakeholders for submission on Application

Application Submissions from stakeholders

ICCC response to Submissions