Commercial Advertisement

The ICCC is responsible to enforce to Commercial Advertisement (Protection of the Public) Act.

This Act protects the general public from any commercial advertisement that may contain untrue, inaccurate, misleading, misrepresentative or unreasonable statements used in describing the size, quality, quantity or nature of goods or services.
What should consumer do
• Consumers may contact the Commission on its toll free number (180 3333), or
• They may call at any of the offices shown on the contact us page, or
• They may use the information provided in our complaints enquiry page to write to the trader or speak with the trader, or
• They may complete the online complaint/enquiry form by clicking here – on line enquiry complaint form – and submitting it to the Commission.

Labelling/ Packaging

The ICCC under the Packaging Act is responsible to ensure that goods are properly labelled.

This is where the labelling of the good must contain an approved brand (that is, a brand that the Minister for Commerce and Trade approves) or the name and address of the person on whose behalf the article was packed; or the name and address of the packer.