Clearance Applications

The process of Clearance is only provided for proposed business acquisitions under s.81 of the ICCC Act. The ICCC maintains the Public Register to be transparent and accountable in its decision making for Clearance Notices. The ICCC’s decisions on Clearance Notice are listed below.

To view the details of the respective application and the ICCC’s determinations, please click the respective Public Register numbers.

Publice Register # Applicant Application Date Conduct Decision Date Status Documents Link
C2014-17 The Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC) 2014-08-18 Clearance 2014-09-09 Denied Documents
C2014-16 Telikom PNG Limited 2014-08-05 Clearance 2014-08-28 authorised Documents
C2013-15 BSP 2013-06-07 Acquisition 2013-06-28 authorised Documents
C2013-10 NA NA unknown Documents
C2012-14 QBE Insurance 2012-11-16 Acquisition 2012-12-05 unknown Documents
C2011-13 G4S 2011-04-19 NA 2011-05-27 unknown Documents
C2010-12 Aviation Operation & Aircraft Refueling 2010-03-30 Acquisition 2010-04-19 unknown Documents
C2009-11 MVIL 2009-05-29 Acquisition unknown Documents
C2008-10 Ela Motors 2008-11-28 Acquisition 2008-12-18 unknown Documents
C2008-09 NBPOL 2008-06-17 Acquisition 2008-07-14 unknown Documents
C2007-08 MVIL 2007-12-06 Acquisition 2008-03-20 unknown Documents
C2005-07 Shell PNG 2005-12-13 Acquisition 2006-01-13 unknown Documents
C2005-06 Hevilift 2005-04-20 Joint Venture Agreement 2005-05-19 unknown Documents
C2004-05 InterOil 2004-07-21 Acquisition unknown Documents
C2004-04 Datec 2004-04-10 Merge 2004-10-16 unknown Documents
C2004-03 Marsh Limited 2004-08-10 Acquisition 2004-09-17 unknown Documents
C2004-02 Boroko Motors 2004-08-10 Sale Agreement 2004-08-30 unknown Documents
C2004-01 SPI Distribution Ltd Acquisition 2004-04-15 unknown Documents