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Consumer Awareness & Education

The Division is responsible for coordinating this and also prepares secretariat support for the about to be established Consumer Protection and Competition Consultative Committee. It has recently agreed on a Draft Compliance Program which it will shortly distribute widely for comment.

The Commission proposes to establish a consultative committee composed with broad cross sectional representation. It will include government, business, business organisations, professionals and consumers. It will advise the Commission on aspects of its operations.

In broad terms compliance is the process of seeking to ensure that business carries out its activities in a manner consistent with the letter and hopefully the spirit of the law.

A compliance system is an important element in corporate governance and assists a business to become a good corporate citizen.

Compliance with the law is good from a customer and community relations perspective too. Consumers are more inclined to deal with businesses who have not contravened the law.

The Commission will seek to achieve compliance through:

  • Consultation
  • Education
  • Monitoring commercial activities (of both public and state owned enterprises), and
  • Taking action to achieve compliance with the law.

Specific resources will be devoted to consultation and education of business, government, the professions and the community.

The Commission has for some time conducted public awareness campaigns at schools and with counterpart agencies such as with PNG Power Ltd and provincial and town authorities. It has participated in radio talk shows, published media releases, and produced pamphlets, brochures and newsletters.

It is proposed in the Draft Compliance Program to expand that work. The Commission proposes a program of capacity building for government, business (and their professional advisors) and consumers. As part of this, it will consult with and provide guidance to business and the professions. It will educate stakeholders as to their rights and obligations.

The Commission has created a profile in the social media by creating a page on Facebook to promote its services to a wider audience.

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