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Our Mandate

The ICCC is an independent statutory authority established in January 2003 following the enactment of the ICCC Act by the Parliment in March, 2002.

The ICCC is responsible for promoting and safeguarding competition, protecting consumer's interests and regulating declared industries, entities and goods and services.

Its primary objectives are defined and set out in Section 5 of the ICCC Act.

These are:

  1. To enhance the welfare of the people of Papua New Guinea through the promotion of competition, fair trading and the protection of consumer's interests.
  2. To promote economic efficiency in industry structure, investment and conduct; and
  3. To protect the long term interests of the people of Papua New Guinea with regard to the price,quality and reliability of significant goods and services.

Our Vision

Ensure an efficient economy in which markets are competitive, consumers' interests are protected and regulated industries are efficient.

Our Mission

To enhance the welfare of the people of Papua New Guinea where:

  • Markets are competitive, efficient and informed;
  • Consumers are effectively protected from misleading and deceptive conduct and unsafe goods;
  • Regulated goods and services are delivered efficiently; and
  • Our work is aligned with national development plans and strategies such as the Medium Term Development Plan, Development Strategic Plan, and Vision 2050 and conducted independently, transparently and accountably.

Our Values

Our organization is committed to promote and uphold:

  • Independence and Accessibility - The ICCC Act ensures the independence of the ICCC. We will always be accessible to our clients and stakeholders.
  • Transparency and accountability - Our communication and decisions will be made in a consultative and open manner with input by stakeholders. We will take responsibility for our decisions and conduct.
  • Ethical conduct & Professionalism - Our conduct will be of high standards and efficient, focused to produce quality outcomes.
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